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  • The Compassionate Practitioner: Dr. Michael Vivian’s Approach

    Dr Michael Vivian Ventura CA approach as a compassionate practitioner epitomizes the artistry and heart embedded within the science of medicine. His philosophy isn’t just about treating ailments; it’s a profound commitment to understanding the human condition, embracing empathy, and weaving compassion into every aspect of patient care. At the core of Dr. Vivian’s approach

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  • Reclaiming the Night: Dr. Michael Vivian’s Guide to Overcoming Insomnia

    Insomnia, the relentless thief of peaceful slumber, plagues countless individuals worldwide. Dr Michael Vivian, a seasoned expert in mental health, offers invaluable advice on how to effectively deal with insomnia and restore the gift of restful sleep. Here are some practical tips to help you overcome this common sleep disorder. 1. Tame Caffeine and Alcohol

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  • Mental Health Issues You Shouldn’t Ignore: Dr Michael Vivian

    As a therapist, I’m always happy to talk about mental health. However, I also know that many people don’t feel comfortable with opening up about their issues. Dr Michael Vivian So here are things you should know about mental health in general so that you can get more comfortable talking about it too! Borderline Personality

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